Golf Course Spraying

Southwest Ground Control is experienced, professional and knowledgeable working in and around golf courses. We understand the importance of completing the job efficiently, safely and effectively without causing inconvenience to the golfers. Our golf course maintenance specialists serve golf courses large or small in Phoenix metro area including Chandler, Mesa, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Tempe and Queen Creek.


  • Apply Post emergent to turf and desert areas to control existing weeds.
  • Apply Pre emergent to turf and desert areas using Toro Workmans equipped with boomless spray nozzles.
  • Apply pre emergent prior to seeding to prevent unwanted POA breakthrough.
  • Apply pre emergent to areas of rough that will not be seeded in winter to control broadleaf breakthrough.
  • Apply Turf growth regulators to on difficult to mow or delicate areas; tree wells, rough areas, turf edges.
  • Foliar applications of Fertilizer, Insecticide and Fungicide on turf fairways.

Herbicide applications can be turn key from Southwest Ground Control or contracted for labor and equipment only. (herbicide supplied by golf course) Priced per acre.